Office Cocktail One 

Freshly shucked oysters with lemon and lime

Mini quiche lorraine

Fresh chicken sandwiches with mayonnaise and chives

Frenched honey soy chicken drummettes

Bruschetta of fetta tomatoes and Spanish onions with balsamic*

Hand made sausage rolls with tomato sauce

Smoked salmon crustard with sour cream and dill

Hand made potato balls with diced bacon and gorgonzola cheese


Available Subject to Venue

Vegetarian spring rolls served with sweet chili and soy sauce*

Whiting crumbed Goujons with tartar sauce

Mini dim sims with sweet chili and soy

Crumbed calamari rings with tarter sauce


Office Cocktail Two

Individual beef wellingtons

Club sandwiches with turkey, cranberry, roma tomato, bacon and swiss cheese

Steamed siu mai with mirin soy and sweet chili

Marinated lamb skewers with capsicum, Spanish onion and tatziki sauce

Mini quiche of goats cheese, baby spinach and roasted red peppers*

Chicken skewers wrapped with basil and prosciutto

Bruschetta of fetta, peppers, roma tomatoes and basil*

Vietnamese pork and prawn rice paper rolls with peanut dipping sauce


Available Subject to Venue

Gyoza served in steamer baskets with sweet chili sauce

Curried vegetarian samosa’s with dipping sauce*

Tempura battered wasabi prawns

Mini south Melbourne market dim sims

Beer battered fish pieces with tartar

Chocolate and banana won tons*


Minimum 20 people

Over 100 people hireage charge may apply

Staff rates apply